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      She was dressed in the short skirt and blue blouse in which he had pictured her all the way along. She looked weary, and there was something of anxiety figured in the graceful, drooping form.

      In the balconies the press grew dangerous. An urchin intercepted Kincaid to show him the Callenders, who, with distressed eyes, pointed him to their carriage hurrying across Canal Street.

      Only for a moment did her eyes meet his, but something passed from them to his very heartsomething that made him utter a short, sharp cry. His arm tightened around her, and he drew her up to him and pressed her to him in a grasp that was steel and velvet combined. She made no effort to free herself, but hid her face upon his breast and lay there pantingand satisfied.

      You accuse Esmeralda he began.

      I believe this is the first time Ive breathed since Ive been in London, she said. Oh! how beautiful it is! Look at those tall firs. Why, one might be a hundred miles from London. Whats that great, shining place on the hill behind us?

      Lady Ada looked at her in astonishment.She played with the skill of a well-taught amateur, and the room was flooded with exquisite melody.


      Delightful, said Esmeralda in a voice that was not so feeble as soft and sleepy. I feel as contented as a fraud always does. And I am a terrible fraud, Melinda! I wouldnt admit it to everybody, but I dont mind telling youbecause you know it very well alreadythat I am quite well, and quite strong enough to get up and go about as usual.


      Ah! not much in your line! Well, theres nearly a page[102] about her. It gives a full account of how she was found out in Australia, and an exhaustive description of her dresses. They say shes worth two millions, and that shes one of the most charming girls that ever came to London. Shes going to be the rage this season, you mark my words. Is it true that she drops her hs, and otherwise murders the Queens English?She raised herself on her elbow, her eyes still downcast, the long lashes sweeping her cheeks, one hand grasping the edge of the hammock.


      You wouldnt find it. Go back into the dining-roombut dont have any more champagne, said Trafford, and he laughed.