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      It is said by the residents of Yokohama, with whom the hotel at Totsooka is a favorite resort, that George Pauncefort stirs an omelette as though he were playing Hamlet, and his conception of Sir Peter Teazle is manifested when he prepares a glass of stimulating fluid for a thirsty patron.

      "Yes, I was," he replied; "she's got more sense in a minute than Camille's got in a week," and shut the door between us.Through the open windows we could see the dancers. Now and then a pair of fanning promenaders came down the veranda, but on descrying us turned back. I said I was keeping her from the dance. To which she replied, drooping her head again, that she shouldn't dance that night.

      [Pg 211]This was too much for John.

      I was going to say that, only you always interrupt me, she said. Then when our guests are gone, you bring her in here, just as if she was Julia Fyson, into my drawing-room. And Alicewell, Alice would think it very odd too, just as Mrs Fyson did. Of course it was not that which Mrs Fyson thought odd: I know you will try to catch me up, and ask me how Mrs Fyson knew, but that is always your way, Thomas. I know quite well that Mrs Fyson had gone away before you brought her in here.It could be proved beyond a shadow of doubt, and by reference to all known laws of anatomy, that he did not exist.


      It was so good of you to let me come and see your books, Mr Keeling, she said. My brother has often told me what delightful Sunday afternoons he has passed with you here.


      CHAPTER ONEWell, then, you may have your own way, and be crowed over by Mrs Fyson, since you prefer that to being taken care of by me.


      Unless you wish me to.No, never.