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      "That's not good of you," murmured Anna.

      I didnt say that, young man, said the doctor, pursing his lips. We shall see. If you think its an easy case you[328] make a very great mistake; as I said, I havent got to fight the wound alone; theres something behind that.

      "Take it, Fred!" cried Hilary while he advanced on the defiantly retreating Maxime; but as he spoke a new cry of the drovers turned his glance another way. Gibbs had risen to his knees unaware that the Italian, with yet another knife, was close behind him. At a bound Hilary arrested the lifted blade and hurled its wielder aside, who in the next breath seemed to spring past him head first, fell prone across the prostrate Gibbs, turned face upward, and slid on and away--lassoed. Both bull-drivers clattered off up the road.The man shook his head for denial, and his kindly twinkle commanded the belief of all. Not a glint in it showed that his next response, however well-meant, was to be a lie.

      "--I is sent--"


      A few paces off, towards the edge of the cliff, a canopy of rushes was stretched between long poles. Beneath its shadow stood Byssa busied in weaving loose bits of woollen stuff into a single piece. The chain was placed perpendicularly, so that the weaving was done standing;the horizontal loom, which had been used in Egypt for centuries, was not yet known in Hellas.Meantime the captive Anna was less debarred than they. As Greenleaf and the Doctor, withdrawing, shut her door, and until their steps died away, she had stood by her table, her wide thought burning to know the whereabouts, doings, and plight of him, once more missing, with whom a scant year-and-a-half earlier--if any war-time can be called scant--she had stood on that very spot and sworn the vows of marriage: to know his hazards now, right now! with man; police, informer, patrol, picket, scout; and with nature; the deadly reptiles, insects, and maladies of thicketed swamp and sun-beaten, tide-swept marsh; and how far he had got on the splendid mission which her note, with its words of love and faith and of patriotic abnegation, had laid upon him.


      It is a lie! sprung from Lady Wyndovers lips; and she went white with passionate indignation. It is a foolish lie! She loved you, and only you, I tell you! I have heard her Oh, what is the use! Do you think a woman does not know whom another woman loves? The girl was like my ownhad no secrets from me.


      And as he read the words in his tent he smilingly thought, "That looks true even if it isn't!"You are growing old, Manes, said Callippides more gently as though he regretted his harshness.