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      Trafford raised the cup with trembling hands to his burning lips, and pushed the hair, damp with sweat, from his brow.

      Youd better let Lord Selvainehes one of her guardians, you knowhear you offering that advice. Hed have a fitno, he wouldnt, because nothing ever throws him over; but hed smile and ask me when I thought of going back to my lunatic asylum.

      Yes, he said, almost impatiently. Why should she not? She wanted to see Lady Wyndover aboutabout something, I forget what. Why do you stare at me, Lilias? Then, as he saw the tears start afresh from her eyes, he went on, remorsefully: Forgive me; I scarcely know what I am saying. It is so suddenso sudden! Yes, I am glad that she has gone. The words stuck in his throat, but he managed to get them out. He must lie for the present, at any rate. Soon the hideous fact must be known, and all the lying in the world would be of no use; but he would screen her, hide the shameful thing as long as he could. It is a good thing; she[246] would have been terribly frightened andand cut up. I will go to London directlyas soon as I canand break the news to her.


      She had loved himloved him! Her heart had thrilled whenever he came near her. She had loved him so dearly, so truly, that she would have laid down her life for him. Why, if he had come to her and told her that it was her money and not herself he wanted, she would have given him every penny and gone back to Three Star and her old poverty without a murmur! Oh, why could he not have done so!Well, it was about you, he said. It isnt fair to tell tales out of school, but I suppose a bride expects to be talked about; and the duke was very great. Selvaine says that you have bewitched him.


      It was some time before Trafford spoke again; it seemed a long time even to him. His own action and his own words had surprised him almost as much as they had surprised Esmeralda; he was full of remorse, for it seemed to him that he had taken advantage of her youth and innocence and had acted and spoken as he would not have done if she had been a girl of his own class and set. At last he said in a grave voice:Traffords heart leaped, and he was about to rise from his knees and fetch the doctor, but before he could do so, he heard her speak, and her voice, so low as to be almost inaudible, chained him to the spot.