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      In the next room the typing machine had begun its clacking that came staccato and subdued through the baize-lined door. That seemed to him more momentous than anything his agent could tell him about.

      "Hold your tongue! Does anyone here think I'm going to have a Radical fur my son?and a tedious lying traitor, too, wot helps his f?ather's enemies, and busts up the purtiest election that wur ever fought at Rye. Do you say you didn't write those lousy verses wot have lost us everything?"CHAPTER V.

      "As you please, unthankful kern," replied the baron, haughtily. "De Boteler forces his gifts upon no onehere," he continued, throwing the piece to an attendant, who stood behind his chair"you will not refuse it." He then turned round to the table and commenced a game at cards, without further noticing Holgrave. The yeoman stood a few minutes awaiting the baron's pleasure, but perceiving he did not heed him, presently took Margaret's hand, and making a low obeisance, retired.Calverley had intended to see Margaret again before leaving the castle; but De Boteler, having changed the hour he had appointed, there was not a moment to spare from the necessary arrangements. Never before had Calverley's assumed equanimity of temper been so severely tried; the patient attention with which he listened, and the prompt assiduity with which he executed a thousand trifling commandsalthough, from the force with which he bit his underlip, he was frequently compelled to wipe away the blood from his mouthshewed the absolute control he had acquired over his feelingsat least so far as the exterior was concerned.

      Chapter 15

      This time it was she that kindled:


      "The bitch," he growled, "I'll learn her. Dancing wud a sailor, you say she wur, Pete?""By the green wax! may youBlack Jack is a man of honour. As sure as Judge Skipwith sits on the bench, so sure shall I and my men sit in the jury-box. He is a carle to doubt me," said Black Jack, as Calverley shut the door"Has he emptied his flask? Noby the green wax! he seems to think as little of his wine as his money;" and, after emptying the cup, left the Mitre.



      "I speak but the truth," replied Calverley. "You have been rewarded well for the deed you did; and think not that your braggart speech will win my lord. This maid is no meet wife for such as you. My lord has offered me fair lands and her freedom if I choose to wed her: and though many a free dowered maid would smile upon the suit of Thomas Calverley, yet have I come to offer wedlock to Margaret."